Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Wish List 2012 Edition

When I start Christmas shopping for others, I end up finding lots of things that would be perfect for me! It's horrible. I know.

Please tell me I'm not the only one.

So, I'm trying to keep shopping for myself at a minimum and honestly, I don't need a single thing on this list, but since you were dying to know, here's my wish list for 2012.

{1} - So luscious 
{2} - I <3 lace. 
{3} - I promise I'll keep them clean! 
{4} - Because you can only have so many pairs of green pants before you move onto a new color. 
{5} - I've got a crush on hammered gold. 
{6} - One can never have too many boxes of stationery. 
{7} - I only need 5 of them - CJ&J<3 
{8} - A little holiday dress! 
{9} - Gold polka dots! It's all in the details. 
{10} - Fun on your finger 
{11} - Just 'cause 
{12} - I have big bag syndrome.

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