Sunday, November 24, 2013

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

I know every baby is different and so some things will be easy for some babies and hard for others and vice versa. Sleep has always been hard for us. We went to Hawaii and our friends' kids adjusted to the time difference in 2 days. My Bub? He finally adjusted on day 9... The day after we got back home from LA.  Some babies can be put down for a nap early or late and they'll still take a luscious nap. Homeboy? Put him down too early and he'll sleep for 20 minutes. Put him down late, he'll wake up after 30 minutes crying bloody murder.  One year out, I've finally accepted that my Bub is a sensitive sleeper and God made him that way for a reason (to keep me humble?).

But for every hard thing, God has given us something easy. For example, homeboy began drinking out of a straw at 5 months. When it was time to start transitioning him over to cow's milk, he easily took cow's milk out of a straw cup on day one. We've been at it for a week and he takes all of his milk in a straw cup and we're about halfway done with weaning off formula. Hopefully the transition will finish as smoothly as it began. 

I'm trusting that my Maker knew what he was doing when he made my beautiful

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