Monday, February 7, 2011

My Newest Lovelies

For our wedding, we used traditional flowers which I loved. Orchids, peonies, sweet pea, it was heaven. But, one thing we didn't anticipate was the breakage.  All of our groomsmen, attendants and family members got corsages or boutonnieres made of hypericum berries and lovely green orchids. But, after a few hugs, our flowers started to not only wilt, but break. In fact, during our first look, when Chris and I hugged, the impact broke an entire petal off his orchid. Oopsies! I was just so excited to see him! Luckily, our florist had brought one extra boutonniere so we lucked out and changed out his broken one for  a new one. 

Here's us with boutonniere #2 of the day!

Well, why risk boutonniere breakage when you can have corsages, boutonnieres and brooch pins that will last a lifetime! newest lovelies!

These can be made in virtually any color and can be changed from wrist corsages to brooch pins.  Want more or less flowers? That can be done! Enjoy!

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