Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's in a Name?

When the idea to begin an Etsy shop really began to take place in my brain, I started turning over phrases and names in my head. What was I going to name my shop?  Handmade something something? Blah Blah Lovlies? After a couple weeks, I became distracted by work and getting ready for Thanksgiving. Then, one day, it came to me, in the place where all great ideas are born. The bathroom. 

Lucky for you, I was actually showering when I thought of it. The name of my Etsy shop, When Love Happens, was inspired by two things.  While planning my wedding, I often had that "this is the one" feeling.  First with my fiance, Chris, then our venue, my dress and my wedding photographer. When love happened, another part of my wedding fell into place.  The second inspiration came from my love of crafting. I started crafting when I was really little. My Mom would make pillowcases and duvets with her sewing machine. I'd tag along with her to the fabric and craft stores. I remember walking down the aisle and looking at bolt after bolt of beautiful fabric, not with the intention of buying, but just noting personal favorites in my mind.  As I got older, my love for crafts didn't end and I began crafting cards, scrapbooking and even trying my hand in making clothes (that didn't go over too well, though). Then, when planning for my wedding and coveting overpriced bridal sashes and hair clips, I decided that I was crafty enough to make them on my own. And make them on my own, I did. 

My crafty creations were well-received by friends and family and I thought, "huh. I like to make these and I'm pretty good at it. It'd be kind of cool to do this for a living."  But since I had a day job, I was much too busy to let this become a full-fledged idea.  One day, however, I vocalized this to my then fiance and he said, "Why don't you?"  As time passed, he'd see me make a brooch, sash or hair clip and encouraged me again to pursue an Etsy shop. It wasn't until I fell in love and married my husband, that this idea really took root and manifested itself.

It's been a long road and I know there's still a long road ahead, but I'm excited at the prospect of creating lovely items for my clients and customers for their weddings and everyday life!


  1. i have one of those thick blankets from taiwan that I sleep with ever since I can remember. the first cover was made by grandma and it was red with cats on it. my mom threatened to throw out the blanket when the zipper started falling apart in high school. your mom saved the day by sewing me a new cover with awesome zoo cartoons on it and a cool heavy duty green zipper. I remember going to fabric stores with your mom too. You were really excited to buy colored embroidery yarn to make friendship bracelets with. I also was excited because usually you would let me have one of the bracelets you made. You're moving up quick in the crafting world, I can't wait to see what you're making next!

  2. I STILL have all the embroidery thread. I remember the color would get all washed out when we used to go to the pool everyday! :)