Monday, September 17, 2012

On Being Preggers...

Very, very exciting...

You'd think that after so many weeks you'd lose track of how many weeks pregnant you were, but you don't. You know exactly how many weeks you are and what month you're in.  I think in the beginning I was just so excited to be gaining ground and for the baby to be growing, but now that I'm near the end, I just want the baby to come.

I'm not one of those pregnant ladies that loves being pregnant.  Yes, it's amazing and it's a miracle what's happening inside me. When we saw our first ultrasound of Baby L, it was reaffirmation that God's creation is so good.  Cells just knew what to do, how to grow and what to turn into.  10 weeks into our pregnancy, we saw hands, feet, a head, a body and heard a thundering heartbeat. How did it know to do that?!  It's absolutely amazing.  However, it doesn't necessarily make pregnancy pleasurable.  It's been pretty uncomfortable and inconvenient. I know it'll be worth it in the end, but being in this heat and being almost 8 months pregnant has not been terribly fun.

I just watched this movie just because it was such a timely movie for Chris and I.

If I watched this movie when I wasn't pregnant, I would have just watched it and been fine. But because I'm pregnant, I watched it and sobbed at the end.  SOBBED.  I am SO pregnant right now.

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