Monday, November 5, 2012

Birthday Boy

This weekend was Chris' birthday and it was a chance for him to eat all the high cholesterol foods I haven't been letting him eat the past couple of months. He's been really disciplined about it so I figured that he could cheat on his birthday.

Instead of oatmeal, we went to Plum's for brunch. We've been meaning to go try it for awhile now, but we never could find a good excuse to get our butts out of bed on a Saturday morning and drive down to Costa Mesa for breakfast.  But a birthday did it! Chris got BACON and EGGS and POTATOES. He was a happy camper. I had the Northwestern waffle which really just a waffle and berries, but the clincher was the homemade whip cream. Nothing beats homemade whip cream. 

For dinner, we went to Chris' favorite restaurant, Lawry's. We actually considered having our wedding reception here because Chris loves the hunky beefiness so much, but I didn't want to get up 4 am to get married since they only offer lunchtime receptions. 

Anyway, here we are. I was able to snap a photo before Chris sunk his teeth into a big piece of BEEF. Another food he hasn't had much of lately. For his birthday, I bought him a shirt from J.Crew that he'd been eyeing and a new work bag from the Tumi Dror collection since his was stolen back in August. 

Happy birthday, love! Hope you enjoyed all the cholesterol. Back to oatmeal and whole grains, your favorite!

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