Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Type A

Hello! My apologies for a very late post this week. It's nearing the end of week 37 here and it's been super busy around. I know most women go through a nesting stage, but my nesting is less out of preparation for the baby and more out of fear that I won't want to do anything around the house when I am a sleep deprived zombie. I am REALLY grumpy when I am sleep deprived... REALLY, REALLY GRUMPY.

Aside from exhaustion, discomfort, irritability and being extra emotional (doesn't this make you want to spend a day with me?), I have been nesting and getting everything under the sun done. My type A personality thrives on lists and crossing things off my lists. Then recopying my lists so that they're neat again. Here's my newly updated weekly list on the right and my daily to do list on the left. I know I'm nuts, but now you know too and we can all move on. :)


  1. wow. your handwriting is still so neat. i type everything now so i don't remember the last time i wrote that many letters with a pen and paper. glad to see someone still practices their handwriting!

  2. Well since I'm a teacher, I have to write all the time. :) I love things that are handwritten... And I'm so ridiculous when it comes to lists. Baby is due in 3 weeks. Hope that you'll be able to come and meet him!