Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rain & Other Thursday-like Tidbits

I was looking forward to Thursday all week because the forecast said it would rain.

I love rain.

Let me repeat that one more time.


Wait, I lied.

Let me restate this truthfully.

I love rain EXCEPT when it's a school day.

Parents or parents-to-be, in case you weren't aware of this, when your elementary age children go to school on a rainy day, they act as if they have NEVER SEEN RAIN BEFORE IN THEIR LIVES.  It's as if water falling from the sky were a completely novel phenomenon, miraculous and earth-shattering. It's like the first earthquake I experienced when I was in elementary school. I remember thinking aliens had invaded the Earth (Chris says I have a very vivid imagination). I digress.

Every time it rains, I have to make a big deal about it. I say, "Oh my goodness boys and girls! I had no idea!  I had no clue! I was completely unaware that....none of you have ever seen rain before!" When they begin protesting that yes, they've seen rain plenty of times in their lives and no, it's not completely new to them.  That's when I jump in and say, "Oh, then why are you guys acting like this is the first time it's ever rained in your entire lives?!"  We all get a laugh and then they calm down....well, most of them do.

So, although it is a school day, I am not working right now so I LOVE RAIN.

You can imagine my disappointment when this is all I saw, all day long!

Darn you Orange County and your perfectly mild weather!

Okay, okay, I admit it was a very nice day, even without the rain, but I LOVE RAIN.  We'll just have to try again another day.

So now it's time for other Thursday-like tidbits! Remember when I said Nate Berkus was coming to Target? Well, lo and behold. I was making my nearly daily trip to Target (I know. Really, I think it's an illness) and found a small end cap of Nate Berkus items in store...EARLY! Not to mention the Patch items were on clearance. It was a good, good day. 

After this, I went to the post office to mail off a little package of goodies to one of my October brides.

When the postal worker saw that the sender was "When Love Happens," he said, "When are you going to send one of these to me?" Perplexed, I smiled as he continued and said, "When will love happen for me?" I laughed out loud...maybe a little too loud.  Sorry mister, my packages aren't THAT magical. 

Anyway, happy Thursday! Chris and I have a full weekend. He gets a day off tomorrow to make up for all the traveling he did in September (I saw him for HALF the month). We start our video lamaze (thanks Jackie!), one last piece to complete in the nursery, breastfeeding class and we're watching our two little nephews. We're all baby, all weekend!  Hope you have a happy one!


  1. It is POURING right now! Hope you got a raincloud or two your way!

    And what a gorgeous package. I'm sure your bride is going to be thrilled. :)

  2. @Becky - I hope that it started AFTER you were done teaching. :) We've had nothing all day but bright shining sun in a big blue sky. Boo. :)