Friday, October 5, 2012

33 weeks down, 7 weeks to go!

I'm starting 34 weeks this week and I am carrying a honeydew around with me. Actually at the end of 32 weeks, I had an ultrasound which showed that the baby's belly was on track for 32 weeks. However, he was 2 weeks ahead for height and 3 weeks ahead for head size. He was already a little over 4 lbs. at that point. Oh my goodness. I've gained 6 lbs during my pregnancy. If I haven't gained that much weight, why is the baby so BIG?

We've got tall genes on my side. I've always been tall for a girl (especially an Asian one). All of the girl cousins are around my height and all of the guy cousins, like my brother, all hover around 6 feet. When I told my Mom and Aunt they laughed and said, "all the babies on our side are always over 20" and 8-9 lbs."

Fantastic. I'm trying to focus on the positive, that our baby is healthy and that he'll be a tall Asian boy!


  1. LOL I love it! He can play basketball! ;)

  2. His 7 month old cousin is also really long for his age as are his other two cousins so it looks like we've got four players for our multi-million dollar team. :)